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Lady Gaga Meets the Queen of England…..What do you think of that one?

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  1. oh this is making me gaga! haha

  2. I think she is acting her usual strange self. Wondering what the old girl thought! Of course she is used to greeting “rockers” and is likely not surprised by anything and certainly would not let on. “One must hide one’s true thoughts.”

  3. I’m courios what the mass-media writes in newspapers next day 🙂
    I think that she will try to be like a lady.

    Have fun,Doraz!!! 🙂

  4. She will be like a real lady i think 🙂
    But the Queen will see her in a different way perhaps.

    Enjoy your day,Doraz!!!

  5. BRILLIANT!!! 🙂

  6. When did they let the Red Queen out of Wonderland?

  7. Uh oh, I had to look up Lady Gaga. *blush*

  8. The queen is taking some time to embrace pop culture.

  9. lol. my queen.
    And lady gaga.
    There are few musical artists around with her style and abiltiy
    Lizzie does seem to be in touch with the real world.
    Or at least more so than our government.
    i think its cool.
    But then i am english

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