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  1. I started to make a list for my comment then decided that all I have to accomplish this week is gratitude. The rest will work itself out. 🙂

  2. This week I hope to accomplish something materialistic . From ages I’ve been planning to go to the market foe some shopping but couldn’t go . Now this week I just have to go and get something for myself and mommy !

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  3. omg, a lot!

    1. memorize the dance steps for our company’s year end party, performing this saturday, eh
    2. buy a pair of shoes and something to wear for xmas
    3. get some xmas gifts for my family
    4. eat blueberry cheese cake
    5. get a spaaaaaaaaa

  4. I want to wrap gifts, finish decorating, and plan meals’ Not tooo bad! 🙂

  5. To finish decorating and to buy some Chrismas gifts too 😉

    Take care,Doraz!!!!! 🙂

  6. Just getting my career ducks all in a row so when January comes, I hit the ground running! Our Christmas will mostly contain hugs, laughter, and games by the fire this year, and we’re well stocked up on all of that! Have a blast everyone and Cheers and Namaste. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • I can not wait to see what is going to explode in January! I want to play games with you guys! That is what we do at our mountain home! Hours and hours are playing and yelling and winning and losing! Tooo much fun! 🙂

  7. See my list on Wednesday. I just finished blogging it! Imagine that!

  8. I need to have my daughter’s birthday celebration on Wednesday. The big 5. 🙂 Thursday I have to hustle all our butts to oldest daughter’s *Winter Program*. Should be extra cute as they are performing Barbie and the Nutcracker. LOL!
    Once the birthday is out of the way, I need to shop for Christmas.

  9. If I can make it to Friday, I’ll be happy …

  10. start shopping for me!
    and watch football.

  11. My accomplishments that I am aiming for this week are:
    1. Finish my holiday gift shopping
    2. Wrap some presents
    3. Plan holiday meals
    4. Buy myself a nice sweater for the family get-together
    5. Relax and enjoy a hot mug of chocolate and watch a nice movie at home with hubby!

  12. I hope to finish decorating and to make some shopping for the Christmas presents 😉

    Take care!!!!

    • I did find this comment in my spam. I only saw that after com you did not add a /. I do not think this was the problem, but I do not know. Just go back to the old way of commenting! 🙂

      • Thank you a lot,my friend!! 🙂 At least i know what is the problem 🙂
        How should i go to the old way?Do you know?

        Have a great day!!!!

      • It works,Doraz!!! 😉
        I was listen you and Kokot and i was checked Forums.
        There i was follow the steps and here I am 🙂
        Thank you very much for your help!
        I appreciate it.

        Have a great day,my friend!!!

        • I can send you comments only at your blog,Doraz.
          I don’t know why?
          Anyway…maybe i will change the blog if i can find any other solution.I will add you as a friend there too 😉
          Love your blog.

          Enjoy your day!!! 🙂

          • I am soooo sorry you are having trouble! I do not like that! I wish I lived close by so I could come over and try to see what was wrong! I hope it all gets worked out soon! I just LOVE your blog! 🙂

  13. This week eeerrr let me see…
    – I need to figure out what on earth do you buy for a guy as a present on Christmas?
    – Help my sister finish preparing for my nephew’s birthday party.
    – Shave my head, shave it all off.
    – Stalk someone, I’ve always wanted to do that… I’m kidding.
    – Agree with my brother on something.
    – Exchange my Vodacom talking points in town

    Then I’m done.

    • Well, I dare say….you do have quite the exciting list there! I would not know what to advice regarding the boyfriend, because I do not know what he likes. You could always get him a nice scarf and glores. It will help keep him warm! As far as that brother of yours, just tell him to agree with you and that will be one of your Christmas presents! LOL Shaving your head, huh? Be sure to have hats available when it is cold! Good luck with everything! I hope all is flying high at your neck of this world! 🙂

  14. I need to finish my shopping for my Christmas tree angels…wrap presents for my own children and plan my Christmas eve meal and then go shopping for that…I have 6 massages scheduled to do for this week so I guess it’s a pretty busy week I’m sooo thankful for all that has come my way. God bless and Merry Christmas to all!!!

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