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My blogging friend……..Scented Summer….. is quite the artist! I am very fascinated with her style and design. She always captures the fun and heart of her work. The blog of…..
Scented Summer…. is one that you want to drop by and say hi to! Look at the beautiful gift she got for me! I was very surprised and I was touched by her kindness. Scented Summer knows how to get a smile out of me! I love this very, very much and I THANK YOU for thinking of me in such a special way! Be sure you all go by and say happy holidays to Scented Summer. Oh, just one more thing. I only WISH i looked like that gal in that outfit!


4 Responses

  1. Although it looks very cold where she posed in that image, it’s heartwarming wishes that she wants to send your way. Hope your holidays will bring you and your loved ones good cheers and tons of fun!
    And I’m just so happy to find you and for reaching out to friends like me. May you be blessed, dear friend!

  2. Congratulations,Doraz! 🙂
    The image it’s great 😉
    She is winter lady that brings us the snow,purity 😀

    Take care!!

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