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Well, I am! I have several friends this way. Today, I had the pleasure of having a great lunch with my friend, Debbie who I met in a mommy and me class a looooong time ago! We lost touch with one another because we both moved. Now she is back with her family closer to us again! We had a hilarious lunch….almost 2 hours! Debbie has a way of making everything really funny. She is very clever! She should be a comedian, seriously! We have a lot n common! She loves scarfs….so do I. They are great in hiding turkey necks! I believe she may even have more scarfs than I do! LOL She also has a sarcastically, nice humor…like me! We make a point to people, like the stupid waiter we had, in a very polite way! LOL She loves tiramisu….which we had for dessert….and so do I! We had vegetable soup for lunch with delicious bread, so we could justify the dessert! LOL Smart, huh? Oh, and we both have husbands that are tall and thinner than us! LOL The nerve! So, I want to say thanks to my friend Debbie, for being such a great listener and laughing at my stupid comments! Hope we have many more luncheon dates! See ya soon! Now remember, we have to make good food choices….the new scale! LOL Don’t forget!


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  1. Well yes I’m in touch with one of my friend with whom I had become friends in a computer class . Last year I ‘d joined computer programming class and in my batch there were 3 students including me 4 . So I’m in touch with only 1 friend via Sms and have lost touch with the rest .
    It was nice to know about Deebie and you !
    How Friendly Are You? – How good are you as a friend?

  2. This is WONDERFUL! I love friends like that. I love dancing in and out of lives and stories for years and years and years. It’s so fun to just hang with people who KNOW You. Fun to watch the journies. And long lunches, laughter, and SCARVES! I’m there, Mon Ami, I’m there! Thanks for the smile and I’m glad You had such a nice time! Cheers and Namaste. 🙂

  3. I have lots of friends from classes and clubs. I also have a lunch and dinner date with my book club and a self invented club of previous coworkers next week! It was funny that the first thing I thought of when I read this was meeting my husband in a dance club! But that’s another story….probably better over email. 😆

  4. I’m having drinks with someone I met in Massage school 5 years ago…we talk from time to time but today we are meeting for drinks it will be so much fun..I also have a friend that we hook up from time to time we’ve known each other for over 30 years but this year she has decided that our friendship has burned out and we need to move on sooo I guess need to accept it and move on I feel really sad but I guess that’s life.

  5. None anymore which is a shame. I’m glad you enjoyed your lunch with Debbie. You two sound like a fun pair to be around!

    Can I have lunch with you two sometime?

  6. It was a nice day i think 🙂
    I was remember of such a day me too!
    One of my friends was came from Spain now 3 years.She called me and next day we was met and we talked hours and hours :)I wasn’t know when the time was passed.
    Thanks you,Doraz!!! 🙂

    Have fun!!!

  7. I have a friend who was my classmate when i was sophomore in high school, we also joined the same newspaper club, and she now lives in california, we call and send emails to each other whenever we can and she visits me when she’s having a vacation in the philippines, i soooooooo love her, and though she’s away, she’s still one of the few friends i really trust

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