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  1. Well the last gift which I received was a mobile phone gifted to me by one of my relative.. Now that’s special because I had lost my cell phone and just the very next day I got this gift…so that’s the reason why this mobile phone is a very special to me ..:)

    Your Gift Personality – Which gift would you like?

  2. that would be my 18th birthday party… so in my country 18th bday is celebrated, the same with sweet 16..

  3. My Nonna (grandma) from Italy, gave me a doll that looks like the one in the photo. When you hold it face down and then lift it back up….it says “Mama.” I still have it. I am sooo happy to have such a great memory of my very loving Nonna. I played with that doll for hours! 🙂

  4. The first special gift I remember receiving was a game. I don’t even remember what game. It was really special because I was an only child at that point and it required other kids to play with me. 🙂

  5. A doll carriage and baby doll. I suppose most little girls want to play mummy.

  6. I would say my first bicycle. I wanted one so bad I could hardly stand it and then I finally got one for my birthday. She was a beauty too! 😀

    • I was just talking about getting a new bike the other day. I remember how it was a really big thing, at one time. Now, it seems like the ordinary thing to do. I liked it better when it was “special.”

  7. When I was 4 I got a life size doll from Santa. I kept asking for a sister so that’s what I named the doll.

  8. My first present that i was receive it was a big plush bear 🙂
    I was love it.Now the daughter of my aunt has it and she is very happy for it 😉
    I was receive it now 3 years from my ex-boyfriend.It was a special present for me!

    Enjoy your time,Doraz!

  9. A power ranger figure, i ad to wait 2 …… sugary… years
    for one

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