Two brunettes and a blonde…LAUGH with DORAZ*

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Two brunettes and a blond are attempting to fix a roof. While they are on the roof, a herd of cattle run by and knock down the ladder and leave a big pile of poop behind.

The two brunettes decide to make the blond check how deep the poop is so they can jump down. So the blond jumps down and yells, “It’s only ankle deep.”

So the two brunettes jump down and scream, “What are you talking about?! It’s up to our heads!”

And the blond replies, “Well, I jumped in head first.”

13 Responses

  1. goodonehere_)+

  2. Laughing ! The blond and brunettes should never be together!

  3. bwahahahahaha……yep, gotta love those blondes. LOL

  4. But seriously blondes can’t be this dumb… I’ll pass this to my friend who keeps making her hair blonde

  5. cool joke.
    i’ll be using that one tomorrow at work

  6. lots of poop talk…i dunno….

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