Man, I don’t know!…

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21 Responses

  1. 1. That’s nice
    2. Ya know?
    3. Really”
    4. Man, I don’t know!
    5. What’d ya say?

  2. What the hell was that all about?

  3. !. Why did you do that?
    2. What was that all about?
    3. Isn’t that sweet?
    4. Well, I’ll be!
    5. No way!

  4. 1. Whatever!
    2. Cut the crap and sell it to the marines!
    3. I can’t wait for new year!
    4. Stop hugging me!
    5.He’s not my boy friend!

  5. whaaaaaat…. again??????
    huh? ?????
    i’ll keeeeeeel you
    cocoooooooooooo stop
    ‘arling help!!!!

  6. Plzz God Pllzzzz … ( This I often say whenever I pray and I pray daily ) Can’t remember other things because I may be saying them unconsciously …

  7. Stop Biting!
    NO (fill in name of dog)
    Let’s go outside
    gotta go potty?
    Let’s go inside
    Have a good day
    I love you

    These are a few of mine. 😀

  8. Can’t comment on this one:( But because I love you girl I had to show my face;)

  9. 1. who left their plate on the table?
    2. Close the door , it’s cold!
    3. Nice!

  10. 1. Remember to breath
    2. Just relax I wont hurt you!
    3. Don’t forget to drink water!!!

  11. 1. Naughty Leroy, why?
    2. Naughty Bella, get down!
    3. Naughty, naughty, naughty…why are you all so Naughty?

    I say naughty a whole lot.

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