In a Hurry….thinking out load*

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If I had to assign a speed limit to “hurry.”
what would that number be?
Would you agree that my speed limit would be
“the speed limit.”
or would you think it to be higher
or maybe lower?
I guess we do that with the different roads
we take every day,
so, I guess we should link it to what
speed limit we are going on for “that day.”
Would that make better sense?
It does to me.
If I need to clean the house before I can leave the house….speed limit set at 75mph.
If I have to get up in the morning just so I can get to work on time…..speed limit set at 25mph!
( I do not want to go! )
If I have to get ready to go have lunch with a good friend….speed limit set at 100mph.
If I have to finish up a project so I can go pick up my kid from school….speed limit set at 100 mph.
If I need to get a smile on my face and relax a bit….speed limit set at 100 mph.
So, I guess my speed limit will go to the high side….as long as I get to do “WHAT I WANT!”


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  1. Now this is a different kind of post which I really loved ! Ok here are my speed limits –
    If I have to go out with friends, speed limit would be – 100mph
    If I have to go to office in the morning , speed limit would be 40mph
    If I have to do household work when mommy is not available then speed limit would be 60mph
    In short anything that I really love to do or am exited about is done in maximum speed and what I don;t like to do is done at a minimum speed!
    Which F1 Driver Are You?- Do you have the speed to be an F1 Winner?

  2. I also have variable speeds.

    When faced with a deadline – 100 mph

    Currently I’m parked in a 2-hour parking zone and have run out of loose change with which to feed the meter.

  3. MIne’s just full throttle ahead, Muse and Heart intact and beaming the way. They’ll figure out the numbers! Hopefully!!! πŸ˜†

    Cheers and Namaste All! πŸ™‚

  4. I think I want all my speed limits to be lower. Time is too fast and I want to enjoy the scenery.

  5. I have variable speeds too. However I’m often stuck in neutral or procastination πŸ™‚

  6. I don’t like speed, I’m the ‘Steady But Sure’ type

  7. my average speed limit is about 5 mph.
    there’s no sense in rushing about.
    Or maybe i’m just lazy. lol

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