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  1. i don’t think ever!
    i did hide under the bed
    when i was afraid…

    How funny! Haven’t thought of that in years and years and years! wow. Thank You and Cheers Lady Lady!!! 🙂

  2. You know, I’m not really sure I hid all that much. (Hard to remember that far back!) I was also afraid of enclosed spaces thanks to Older Brother who put me in a box and sat on the lid.

  3. I didn’t hide in my closet unless of course we were playing hide and seek inside the house!

  4. This is so funny….my mom used to make us hide from our dad with her fairly often. I have a vivid memory of myself, mom, and my two little sisters hovering over shoes. Mom is motioning for us to be quiet. We hear dad come into the house. We work really hard at not busting into giggles. We listen to him put down his briefcase, let out a sigh…and then we hear the tv go on! She made us wait for about 15 minutes before she gave up. LOL My mom still plays and dad still refuses. Pretty funny to see a woman in her 70’s hiding behind boxes. I think I should start playing now, LOL.

  5. I never hid in the closet, small dark spaces have never been my thing.. But I did swallow mom’s closet key one day and the drama that followed was crazy, them scaring me by saying my intestines were gonna get cut and spill over, mom giving me a good hitting, dad not being too happy his little girl pot beaten and of course the process of getting the key back that ended up failing.

  6. Next time you might want to try seasoning it, it might taste a bit better! LOL 🙂

  7. i was too fat to fit in the closet.. hahaha

  8. I only hid in the closet when playing hide and seek. It didn’t take long before I realized that the closet was the first place the seeker checked.

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