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Whatever you are doing, just drop it….yes, drop it…and TAKE A BREAK! Grab one of your MOST FAVORITE mugs and fill it with whatever will make you get a BIG smile on that stressed out face of yours! You do not have to tell what you had as a pick me up, but if you want to….go for it! Just take time for YOU! Stop running around like a chicken with its head cut off, and RELAX! ( I actually grew up on a farm where I saw that happen to those poor chickens! YUK!)

See ya soon.

Luisa Doraz


13 Responses

  1. Well, I just stopped what I was doing and had a nonfat decaf. hazelnut latte with extra foam! Yummy! Now I can make ot….I hope! I might need another later on! i

  2. I have also been shopping, so I have not had a chance to comment lately! I just took a break, as you suggested! Thanks for the reminder. I had hot herbal tea. Very soothing.

  3. Brandy and black coffee!

  4. I would write — ‘ Have FUN ! ‘ Something like this would cheer me up you see..
    Happiness Goddess- Find out where you are on the happiness scale.

  5. What an amazing mug!

  6. Thanks Luisa…..I needed that! 😀

  7. You have right as always,my dear friend 🙂
    It’s a good advise and i think that i will take a break as you advise us 😉

    Have a great time,Doraz!!! 🙂

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