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I feel SO honored to receive this award from one of my new blogging friends…
Tasneem. I have been SO lucky to have made sooo many new friends who have FANTASTIC blogs….just like
Tasneem. If you are feeling a bit like you need to smile and laugh, go for a visit to one of the BEST blogs for cheering me up….just like Tasneem has every day! Stop in and stay for a while. You will have a fun break from your reality! So, THANK YOU again to
Tasneem for this honor!

9 Responses

  1. Awesome! Congratulations to you and I couldn’t agree more with the award!! Love it here!!

  2. Yeah! Congratulations!!!! You ROCK like Cowrazy and I promise I’m almost having my awards ceremony! I’ve kindof posted. slight techno and mental difficulties! Joking! About the techno difficulties! Oh wait! What? I mean….Joking about the mental difficulties! Sigh. All I can say is, beware of the squirrels. Don’t say I didn’t warn You! 😉

    Cheers and Namaste All!

  3. Hey Doraz , thank you again…I’m overwhelmed 🙂

  4. Congrats to you!

  5. Congratulations,my dear friend!!!! 🙂

  6. You are all FABULOUS people for being SOOOO kind and wishing me CONGRATS! I will be passing this one on asap! 🙂

  7. Getting a return award sounds even more special to me. You deserve it honey, your blog is warm and welcoming and how can I forget hilarious. You’re the best

  8. Thank you for the comments on my blog, Luisa. Now I have to get back and find out who will be on my awards list. Been busy lately with early Christmas shopping. Got to plan early as it is better that way. My boys are keeping me busy as well with school projects and stuff. It’s time to unwind… Take care, my friend and congratulations!

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