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DENNIS & THE GANG honored me on Sunday with this great award! I was so happy, I just smiled all day long! If you like adventure, suspense, drama, laughter, and soooo much more, please go visit my blogging friend
DENNIS & THE GANG. I am always amazed what linds of situations they manage to get into over at their place! Oh, I should mention that over at DENNIS & THE GANG..they are not of the human kind! Go see what I mean! You will love it! So, thank you…from the bottom of my heart….. to DENNIS & THE GANG. Love you guys!

Now, The recipient of this award must take on the responsibility of honoring 15 other bloggers. That is NOT easy, cause I know A LOT of great bloggers! So, what I will do is send this award out to some of my newer blogging friends to encourage them all to keep having fun and make their blog EVEN better! 🙂
If your name is listed….don”t forget to pass this honor on to bloggers you select!

I am proud to pass this award to:

1. Scented Summer
2. Bill
3. Alina
4. Blissbait
5. Azfree
6. Jaymie
7. Tasneem
8. Soul Dose
9. Unemployed Dad
10. Kseverny
11. Because It’s Nice
12. Sandy
13.Asian Butterfly
14. The girl from the Ghetto
15. Cocorue



29 Responses

  1. Super congratulations to a super lady 🙂

  2. Congratulations! And Thank You so much Beautiful Doraz! You are the sweetest. And Congratulations All! I look forward to meeting those of You I don’t know! But warning, I’m having to use a friend’s computer that won’t let me open or comment on blogs that aren’t wordpress blogs. No idea. We can’t suss it. It loads them doubly and they don’t function. So if You don’t see me snooping around, that’s why!

    Big Cheers All around and Namaste! 🙂

  3. Congratulations Luisa and to all the lucky recipients!!

  4. Congratulations, Doraz, and Thank you!! What a wonderful way to celebrate Thanksgiving. Thanks for giving!! As soon as I have a free moment, I look forward to visiting the blogs of everyone listed above. 🙂

  5. congrats,congrats,congrats
    thankyou, thankyou, thankyou

  6. Congratulations, Luisa! So happy for you and thank you for passing it to other bloggers like us. It’s an honor to receive such a Thanksgiving gift. You are a gift yourself for sharing holiday cheers to those who are here with you and yet haven’t seen you in person. With this, I’ll say may you be blessed today and always! 😀

  7. Congratulations,Doraz 😉
    You deserve it 😉
    Thank you for thinking at us 😉
    It’s nice of you 🙂

    Have a great day!!!

  8. I’m shouting my congrats all the way from right here on my bed, crossing oceans and beating storms.. You deserve it, congratulations.
    Thank you for making me one of your humble recipients, it’s an honor…… You’ve definitely made my day, again, lolest.

  9. Oh my! Congrats and thank you! What wonderful surprises you always have around here!! Dennis and the gang looks like lots of fun – I need to find time for more exploring over there! Thank you again.

  10. TQ TQ TQ Doraz for the wonderful award and congrats to you and all the recipients

    will blog about it soon
    chikisses X 1000

  11. Hi mate! Thanks for the award ! I’m pleased 🙂 I will certainly pass this award to my other blogging friends . Will now go and check Dennis and the gang.. Thanks again for the kind gesture of encouragement . 🙂

  12. geezh, after getting up (finally) after a painful Monday and Tuesday, (got severe back pain coz i played wrestling with my cousin and we fell) this is a very beautiful surprise. Thank you. nice to be back!

  13. woohooooo, i made the LIST!!!!!

  14. Thank you so much D! I will pass it on!

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