I liked this when I found it …. Just for you all!

“Friends, you and me….
You brought another friend….
And then there were three….
We started our group….
Our circle of friends….
And like that circle….
There is no beginning or end..”

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1.   Man at the doctors:
-Doctor, I have diarrhea and it won’t go away!
-Did you try using a lemon?
-Yes I did, but when I removed it, it started again!

2.   Which animal has two gray legs, and two brown legs?
– Elephant that has diarrhea!

3.   In a restaurant, a man ordered soup but, as soon as it arrived, he had to go to the bathroom. To make sure that nobody touched his soup while he is away, he wrote on a napkin: “I SPIT IN THE SOUP”.
When he returned, he found another message on napkin: “ME, TOO”.

5 Responses

  1. Diarrhea, was not on my list of ailments! 🙂 Thank goodness!

  2. You’ve given me an unpleasant picture here. hahaha. Diarrhea is one of the things that really suck..

  3. Good one 🙂

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