I realize the jealously… a poem*

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There isn’t a day that goes by
that I realize many happenings
They are right at my front door
and they are miles away
I realize the sincerity in this world, and embrace it
I realize the jealously
and feel saddened by it
I realize the genuineness of love that is showered on others,
and I consume it
I realize the jealously
and feel saddened by it
I realize that spirituality brings peace to many
and I am amongst them
I realize the jealously
and feel saddened by it
Release it
Shed it
Let it fly into the darkness
away from your heart
and into the winds

Believe in Yourself;
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Luisa Doraz


10 Responses

  1. People that are jealous should see that the others are not. That should relax them. If it does not, I do not know what the problem is with them!

  2. Jealousy is a hard one because they have to conquer it on their own. You can’t really give a quick fix for that one. When I am feeling jealous it is usually because I am forgetting how gratitude can motivate. It seems to dilute the green shades of envy.

  3. lovely, and yes! yes!
    we all have our plate of ‘stuff’
    sailing in same boat…

    It’s SO interesting. I’ve been in a situation where I’ve beeb in proximity to SO many people on intimate levels. Quite a few of these people were people I thought had it all together. The marraiges. The money. We all think one another’s lives look so perfect from outside. I’ve been beautifully gifted with learning that it’s not true! When we get up close and stop looking through our assumptions, we see that everyone, regardless of apprearances, are literally in the same boat! WE ALL are dealing with the same issues! I’ve had some people that I thought ‘had it all’ tell me they envy me! Cowrazy. All of us are so beautiful. Can You tell I loved Your poem and find it exciting cause this is a lesson I feel I’ve really learned. For now! πŸ™‚

    Thanks and Cheers and Namaste All! πŸ™‚

  4. I believe we are all trying to survive in this world, the best way we know how. Lots of times, the best way is not always the way we went ahead with! Support of others, to me….rules. When others confirm or make other suggestions…of our plans…it helps out to see the total picture more clearly. I am glad you liked my silly words! πŸ™‚

  5. I love this poem because you’re talking about something that’s a huge problem.
    Some jealousy is really sick, like you see my grandfather had 2 wives, my grandma was his first and now he’s gone. His kids have this unnecessary jealousy that breaks my heart…. My mother’s sister comes twice a month on weekends and help me out, she washes my clothes and gives me baths better than the ones gran gives me. You see it in their eyes and it’s sick.

    A little confession of my own, I have had my own ugly attacks of jealousy in the past, they weren’t something to write on a diary about but I grew up and thank God for that.

    Congratulations on a beautiful poem.

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