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  1. Nervous and uncomfortable?

  2. It would probably bother me & i would feel they couldn’t be trusted

  3. It seems like it would be unsettling. Is the question based on a person who has since reformed?


  5. Curious and interested…

  6. How cute is that cat, though it’s a law breaking fugitive.

    Having a friend like that would make me uneasy and constantly worry.

  7. depends on the law
    have many friends who smoke pot
    but i could care less…

    I’m such a geek that I’d be uncomfortable with, You know, MURDER! :O Or abuse, or hard core drug involvement, or…things I consider to be criminal. Don’t think I could hang just cause I can be such a worrywart that I’d be afraid I’d be somehow responsible and could potentially get in trouble just for being aware but having let it slide. Yikes! Good question. Hard to say without being in the shoes. Thanks for getting my brain ticking and Cheers and Namaste. 🙂

  8. This would be hard for me too because I would want to be there for a friend who might have a “problem” that could be worked out with professional help.

  9. If I had such a friend, I would have to stick with the “Black and White, no in-between” policy. They did it, or they did not do it. They would have to be willing to take responsibility for their actions. If they intentionally hurt somebody, well~~~~~ 😦 “You do the crime, you serve the time!” )

  10. I feel that if they did something that was not legal, I would not want to be involved in any way.

  11. lol. i finally popped over.
    Well it depends on the crime.
    For example.
    Recreatoinal drug use.
    Everyone and their dog does that in the uk.
    i smoke cannabis from time to time.
    Most of my friends do too.
    But robbing an elderly lady to pay for a drug habit.
    They would not be my friend for long.

  12. Fortunately I don’t have any friends who break the law but I do have a son. He’s broken the law because he is a heroin addict. Right now he is doing well because he is on a drug which takes away the cravings and the dope sickness you get when you go cold turkey. He is also seeing a therapist. I can only pray he keeps on the path he is taking now. His biggest problem is there are no jobs on Cape Cod and he is living day by day.

    I can only thank God that when he was doing heroin he never robbed anyone except his drug addict friends. They would always steal from each other.

    He has a long way to go before any of us trusts him again.

    • With your great support and love, he will find his way. I am happy things look a bit brighter for him. I hope the rest of your family is doing well and getting excited about the holidays. I think it is great what you have been posting on your blog! Sooooo many good recipes. EVERYONE….GO LOOK! 🙂

  13. untill now everything it’s ok.i think that only when we passe through a situation like this we can be able to talk more about it.

    take care

  14. Does Internet “down loading” count? If so, I’ll have to turn in Husband and Art Major.

  15. I wouldn’t be friends with such people in the first place but in case that’s the case then I would certainly feel guilty all the time and it would also hurt my self esteem .
    Bad company could spoil me too so I wouldn’t take any chance !

    How good is your friendship?

  16. as long as that person is causing me no harm, it’s fine with me… 🙂 im the type of person who as long as you didnt harm in all possible ways, i can deal with you and be your friend

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