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Two sisters arrived home from school crying their eyes out.

“What’s the matter with the two of you?” asked their mother.

“All the kids at school always make fun of my big feet,” wailed the first sister.

“Don’t let it bother you,” comforted the mother, “Your feet aren’t that big.” She then turned her attention to the second sister. “Now why are you crying?”

“My friends invited me to go skiing and I can’t find my skis,” she cried.

“That’s not a problem,” the mother said, “You can borrow your sister’s shoes.”


At a resort, a guy walks up to an older fellow who is sitting in the sun, sipping iced tea. The young guy says, “Hey, how about a round of golf?””Nah,” the older fellow replies, “tried it once, didn’t like it.””Well, how about a swim? It’ll be more refreshing that your iced tea there.””Nah,” the older fellow responds, “tried it once, didn’t like it.”Young guy says, “Well, how about a game of tennis?””Naw, tried it once and didn’t like it. But my son will be here soon. He’s usually up for a game or two.”The younger guy replies, “Your only child I presume?”


20 Responses

  1. I am such a dork!! I had to read the second funny twice before I got it!! LOL

  2. I guess I have to try things twice….rofl.

  3. i’m worse than a dork; i had to read it 3 times BUT that does NOT mean i like doing things thrice LOL….


  4. Very unusual one you have second! LOL It took me a while! LOL

  5. There isn’t any thing in this world which I won’t like doing twice ! (except studying ) !


  7. 1st one is a bit mean, wish I coulda used it on my sister though. 2nd one, I had to think about it for a moment

  8. I too had to read the second one twice. 😉

  9. haha, funny 😀
    i liked that & i shared it with all my closest friends 🙂 x

  10. HAHA, funny, I LIKED THAT.

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