I have decided to open a FLORAL BOUTIQUE. I will be sending out special arrangements to all of my blogging friends, who I feel deserve a “special something.” Since you are all special to me, I will try to have an even more “special” reason for the delivery. This does not make much sense, so be patient with me! LOL
The first TWO people to receive this beautiful arrangement are my blogging friends,

JAYMIE and ERA who guessed how many years I have been married. That was a question I asked on my blog, since my anniversary is just around the corner. JAYMIE not only guessed it, she and I had dresses that were almost alike…hers was more far! ERA remembered I had given her that information on a post she had done on her blog earlier this year. So, JAYMIE and ERA …… hope you enjoy your special delivery! Be sure to go visit JAYMIE when you have a chance. She is a great master of words! I love her poetry! ERA has a way of writing some pretty amazing stories about her life in her part of this crazy world! I am always fascinated!

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10 Responses

  1. Lifting my glass to the silver anniversary – toasting your dedication and commitment to each other, congrats!

  2. CONGRATS Era and Jaymie ! Great you got the honor of being awarded by Doraz… 🙂 These flowers should be really special to both of you .. .

  3. Congratulations Era and Jaymie! I hope you enjoy your beautiful flowers and Congrats to you and your husband on your wedding anniversary Luisa! 😀

  4. How beautiful! Thank you so much and Happy Anniversary!

  5. Happy you like them. Thanks for the wishes!

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