How To Get Through Life….BABY PHOTOS*

Sleep as much as you can ….

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Read books that you enjoy…

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Play with simple things…

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Do whatever you want —
Whenever you want…
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Look for affection when you need it…

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Get serious once in a while…

Image Hosted by

Forget about diets…

Image Hosted by

Show some affection… & love

Image Hosted by

Get angry once in a while….

Image Hosted by

Change your looks…

Image Hosted by

Above all, be happy,
Regardless of what your challenges may be…

Image Hosted by

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Have a great life!

“May your troubles be less,
Your blessings more,
And may nothing but happiness
Come through your door.”
an Irish blessing


20 Responses

  1. Great set of directives! 🙂

  2. Great photos and very true sayings…one thing I find really hard doing is to stay happy when if I’m troubled or facing challenges..

    • Well, the way I look at it is….smiling does not hurt things…but crying expresses hurt. I had rather be smiling and trying to figure life out instead of crying and messing up my makeup! 🙂

  3. thanks for the reminders….how did you manage the last pic, so dang cuuuute…..


  4. Even though I am not a baby person some of them are borderline cute, especially the last one.

  5. j’adore 🙂

    thanks for the nice article.

    the children are magnifiques and the words touched my heart too.

    i will try to be as a child if i still can 😉 🙂

    have a wonderful day,Doraz

  6. So cute, we could learn a lot from babies but our minds have been infected by puberty and years of life… So cute and the last picture just melted my Heart.

  7. Thanks for the blessing. The kiddos are adorable.

  8. Interesting baby theme you have going on. Is there an announcement in your future? My daughter’s baby is due within the next 2 weeks! Yikes! Grannydom here I come!

  9. by golly, will do!!!
    i want the disposition
    of that last baby!

    Too adorable. Sigh. Thank You Lady Lady! Cheers and Namaste. 🙂

  10. You must admit that most babies are happier than most adults so they are doing something we as adults are not. 😀

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