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42 Responses

  1. lovetoseeitwhynotdoit_)+

  2. I like to decorate my house for the children in the neighborhood. It is a lot of work, but I have the time to do it. Why not?

  3. I usually go to the 99 cent store every year and buy some stuff that looks different than the year before!Then after wards, I do not feel bad giving it away or throwing it out! I think it is fine to decorate….whatever way you want! Have fun with it! 🙂

  4. That is AWESOME! But I am much to lazy to do it to our house.

  5. It’s like people who spend a fortune decorating their houses really over the top for Xmas. Bah Humbug!!!
    & Bah Humbug to Halloween too, I dislike it intensly

  6. wooooooooooooow.really scaring :))
    very interesting decorated;)
    i imagine the faces of the neighbours:))
    if it makes some noise in the night i think that it looks much interessting
    take care,Doraz

  7. as long as you have enough budget for the decorations, i thinks its not a problem

    yay, im gonna be a black fairy this year!
    happyyyyyyyy halloweeeeeeeeeen

  8. I personally think it’s really stupid but if they like doing it and find it entertaining, let them. I hope they also like the vandalism and traffic it also brings.

    Just saying!

  9. When our boys were younger we used to make haunted houses in the garage. Was great fun for the entire family and fun for the visitors on halloween night.

  10. To each his own I say! If you like to do that and enjoy looking at it then go for it! We decorate our house for halloween but don’t go to this extent. I think there is a point of overdoing decorations and then it looks gawdy.

  11. We decorate a little but I am too lazy to go all out!

  12. i’m ‘too lazy’ too!
    love looking and having fun
    i do carve pumpkins…

    Does that count????!!!! 🙂

    • YES, that takes a lot of time and talent! I think you should show us your creations on your blog! 🙂 What say you?

      • rut roh! i’m busted!
        i haven’t done it this year!
        lazy to the MAX!!!

        But I usually carve really goofy pumpkins. Imagine that. Sometimes one, sometimes two. Looking back at my haiku, I mislead and made it sound plural as in lots as in a magical yard full of glowing artistic squashes! I bow out red cheeked and pumpkinly humbled! If I get a wild hair and run out and get some I will click and post.

        But I AM going trick or treating with the dog Linus, who will be dressed as a bumble bee!!! Much to my children’s (grown) bewildered amusement. So long as I don’t start buying cats, they’re okay. 🙂


  14. i think its cute. very cute. you know india is a country of festivals so its a common phenomenon here, decorating the house for one/two days and then removing, packing them up for next year.

    glad to see you back.

    love you a lot.

  15. Louisa why is your date all wrong? Today is 13 Oct and yet your post is dated 27 Oct 2010. Glitches… Anyway I think it’s daft to decorate for such a short time.

  16. Are you missing us? It’s hard to stay away isn’t it? :+) I say decorate if it floats your boat if not don’t worry about it.

    • You can see that this is an old post?? 2009.
      I had a request to do this.
      Hope all is well.
      I am doing great things.
      Regards to Navar.

      • Wow great things! I want to do great things. Now you have me wondering what you are up to. :+) I did notice that it was an old post I saw the date. Blogging isn’t the same without you. But I sure understand the freedom of not having to come up with ideas and spending so much time on the computer. Sounds like you are really enjoying your new found freedom. It would be nice to hear what you are up to some time.

        • Starla.. I am involved in many wonderful ventures and many wonderful kind acts to the world. I am the kind of person who likes to keep a low profile, Just know, I am HAPPY and I want the world to SMILE…Hope you guys are well.

  17. I see such or similar decorations all the time,
    they love Christmas, that’s why..

    thanks for sharing,
    Glad to see you back.

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