Believe in Yourself


Luisa Doraz


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Well, I guess I had better figure out what to do.
I can not expect life to just play out, can I?
Shouldn’t I throw in some punches every now and then?
Shouldn’t I be the one figuring how many innings to play before I win?
Do I need to win?
Is it that important?
Can’t I just let everyone else play the game and I watch from the sidelines?
Would that be alright with me?
Would I lose sleep over it?
Would I get in one of my moods?
Let me think. How do I want to answer that
Believe in yourself. That is what I should do! That is what I WILL DO! That is how I will answer that question.
I CAN DO whatever I believe in. I just need to set my limits, and then it will be time to fly.
I do like to fly. Time to continue with my ride through life.

Believe in Yourself;
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Luisa Doraz

12 Responses

  1. I really was touched by this poem and the message it brought to me. I will think over this tonight. Thank you for sharing your inner feelings with me.

  2. TQ for stopping by on your ride and helping me to evaluate my own ride


  3. Nice thought provoking lines …is this composed by you? if yes then you ‘r an adorable writer must say 🙂

  4. Oh that this was a one time visit in my thoughts…you captured it well. 🙂

  5. you’ll wear clouds for coats
    and moondust for eyeshadow
    as you fly your dreams…

    I’m just walking out the door on a day when I REALLY need to believe in myself! Thank You for this beautiful post and lovely reminder!

    Cheers, Namaste, and Bon Voyage! 🙂


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