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I am a princess for the day.
Everyone has to listen to every word I say.
You have to say I am smart, even if you think not.
You have to tell me I am pretty, and you can’t say it while you are being silly!
You have to make me feel like the best.
If you don’t, I will place you under arrest!
So be smart and do as you are told,
or I will have to kiss you and turn you into someone REALLY OLD!
So There!

Believe in Yourself;

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usLuisa Doraz


21 Responses

  1. ha ha you are De Doraz……so appropriate for moi as i’m so vain BUT i will Kick instead of Kiss

    such a way with words……i know i don’t have that talent BUT you think it MAY rub off a teeeeeney bit if moi sticks around long enough?????

    chikisses and thanks for your generous comment on my acceptance speech

  2. eeeeh, moi’s BORN vain, not acquired along the way….

    extra chikisses

  3. oooh ms Doraz, don’t be mistaken as there are TWO winners for that ear contest and we both won so i was not being a sore loser……just received condolences which is soooooo funny…..

    grinning from ear to ear

  4. giving punishment with a kiss ? ? LOL! :d

  5. Doraz, I always thought I was a princess. haha
    iloooooooove this post


  7. Curmudgeons be gone!

  8. I don’t remember you kissing me but you must have.

  9. Luisa,
    Did you create the Gorgeous Blogger Award? If you did, thank you! It is so special to receive one and then to pass it on to others. It is a very nice idea.

    • Hi Pam…I wish I was so talented! I found it under google images, where I get most of my stuff. Thanks for stopping by and making me smile! You deserve an award. You have a cool blog! Hope you are having a great week! πŸ™‚

  10. Well, you got the ball rolling with your wonderful blog–so thank you again. It’s so fun.

  11. no disrespect, but
    in my book you’re a high queen!
    with magic powers!

    But Also great beauty, intelligence that would make Einstein weep, and a sense of humour is running rampant leaving giggles all over blogworld…..and beyond….MWAAAAHAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

    I now back out of the room bowing repeatedly with a big smile on my face….Cheers and Namaste! πŸ™‚

  12. Well, us “queens” have got to stick together. I like to lower myself to princess….just for the day! LOL πŸ™‚

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