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One of my blogging friends….
TONY…has brought me many hours of laughs and my face many, many smiles. For this, I thank him from the bottom of my heart! If you have a chance, go take a look. You will just have a blast of laughter! I do! The only thing that we can say about
TONY…and he will admit it, is that he has a tendency to get aggravated….and DELETE his blog! He gets you hooked, and then….GONE he is!
TONY has promised he will NEVER do this again.( He now holds a new record on his blog!) It is not that I do not believe TONY, but I had an idea that might help him. I was looking through google images, and found this image. I had a light go off in my little Italian pea brain head! When TONY has the urge to delete again, he can post this image….and ALL of us will come to his rescue. We are all pretty clever people, so I know we can do it! So TONY, NO EXCUSE! DO NOT DELETE! We will back you up, OK?????? So. please go by Tony’s place and show him your support. While you are at it, a few threats might not hurt. LOL…..Only kidding? Oh, keep in mind TONY is AN OLD FART!

Believe in Yourself;

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Luisa Doraz



14 Responses

  1. yep, will go over to flirt with him…….he’d better be into chis as this chi means business bol…….

    he needs support???? ……..we’ll see as that “old fart” should realise that ” nearing 50 is the new 30s….”

    going over now

  2. You are the perfect one to cheer him up! Thanks! šŸ™‚

  3. You mean a promise isn’t enough?

  4. LOL! I used to do this when I started blogging. I’ve almost deleted PV several times now.

    I finally got the blog award photo up too….I forgot I could copy and paste.

    I just woke up not long ago-but I already feel ready for bed:(

  5. Thanks Louisa, I will save this picture but Ross pointed out that I am deleteless for a 3rd of a year now & that was the hardest part to get past apparently. I am now blogging on with confidence. Can I get to my 1st ever blogoversary???
    I would not like to commit myself to a promise just in case something goes wrong, like say…
    Dixie accidently hits the delete button….
    The cute little Chi came by for a visit too

  6. I do visit Tony’s Blog, but never have the time to post comments… I should do that more often…

    Maybe for every 30 days that he keeps his blog active, he gets a unique blog award from all his friends to show that we do drop by pretty often!

  7. Your the the biggest fan of Tony ! I’ll post comments on his blog everyday without fail so that he realizes how much we love his blog! Dixie too knows that his daddy has got this beautiful blog so she won’t delete it even by mistake.!

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