Are You a Racoon*

“One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. Unless you’re a raccoon. Then it’s basically all one category.”

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  1. I am guilty of buying tooooo many shoes! They are the only thing that I stay the same size in, so I tend to get pretty excited about that! I really need to get rid of those boots that are totally out of style…but, they may come back into style…and they will fit! Same goes for the cool sandals I have that wrap the laces up my ankles…like a Roman…they may come back into style..and they will fit! Well, go figure! 🙂

  2. yup shoes and sandals are one thing which fits anytime irrespective of the body weight…I actually don’t follow fashion trends …bcz i believe that looking good is more important than wearing all kinds of dresses which are ‘in’… So even if I don’t wear anything in fashion I make it a point that whatever i m wearing suits my style and personality …basically its all about looking good.. 🙂

  3. this made me laugh really hard. haha i’m keeping old fashioned bags that are not really usable anymore, (well for me, because i like my bags shiny and well) but can’t seem to give them away because of their sentimental value. i got a lot of clothes that are actually still in style but i couldn’t wear anymore because it’s either i have no time to wash them or they won’t fit anymore, and i just caaaaaaaan’t throw ’em away. and a lot more….

  4. I would have to say half the stuff in my garage should probably be thrown away! I have so much in there you can’t even park a car in the garage. That doesn’t mean I will ever clean the garage though. Just means I should. LOL

    • Now Gary, we all know what you do in your spare time…if you don’t, go check out his blog(on my blogroll)….you are such a busy boy! LOL So many camping trips. So many weddings to go to! So many dogs to take care of! LOL 🙂 We get it….you’re lazy! 🙂

  5. This is part of what I’m hoping to accomplish this week. I am going to try on things in my clothes cupboard I’ve not worn lately and try to be objective about them.

    I’m also trying to clear away a lot of clutter although much of it seems to be library books and magazines.

    I need to take some stuff to the antique store to sell. Don’t know if I’ll get that done. Mum still needs my help.

  6. I am a magazine saver. I keep telling myself to donate them to the school but they never make it!

  7. oh, that’s so easy
    my super gross bitchy mood!
    somebody stop me!!!!!


  8. Closet Spring cleaning is something I hope to do this Spring.

  9. Hmmm…doubts about myself and my abilities? I think that might be a life long project for me. Here’s to trying! 🙂

  10. I will cheer for you! 🙂


  12. physically, shoes for me too and some are hidden so well that i get a shocked surprise when i chanced upon them again……..

    and some insecurities that needs to be chucked away, little by little…..they somehow like to creep back in to the nooks and cranies


  13. I have a few things that seem to just sit there with no purpose, but eventually they get chucked out.

    I ain’t no raccoon!

  14. I tend to hoard very little these days. The 1st time we moved after Michelle & I got married I had a shed clean out. I took 3 trailer loads of junk to the dump. Lots of it was stuff I couldn’t throw away just in case I needed it one day, even though I never did….

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