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There once was a farmer who was raising three daughters on his own. He was very concerned about their well being and always did his best to watch out for them. As they entered the late teens, the girls dated, and on this particular evening all three of his girls were going out on a date.

This was the first time this had occurred. As was his custom, he would greet the young suitor at the door holding his shotgun, not to menace or threaten but merely to ensure that the young man knew who was boss.

The doorbell rang and the first of the boys arrived. Father answered the door and the lad said, “Hi, my name’s Joe. I’m here for Flo. We’re going to the show, is she ready to go?” The father looked him over and sent the kids on their way.

The next lad arrived and said, “My name’s Eddie. I’m here for Betty. We’re gonna get some spaghetti. Is she ready?” Father felt this one was okay too, so off the two kids went.

The final young man arrived and the farmer opened the door. The boy started off, “Hi, my name’s Chuck…” And the farmer shot him.

19 Responses

  1. gladthatisnotwhatigoby-)+


  3. Bliss Bait was right, you are hilarious

  4. lol, relieved I don’t have daughters…OHWAIT! I HAVE SONS!!!!!!!

  5. LOL! It really is dangerous to jump to conclusions.

  6. Very FUNNY – Bliss mentioned you on her blog – You funny lady!!! xoxo

  7. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA….poor Chuck!

  8. I was raised on farms and my dad always had the shotgun in view! Truth! 🙂 My poor dates!

  9. bravo ms. chella
    now that’s the sorta fella
    i prefer….wait…what?!!!

    The father or the third date? I’ll never tell! 🙂

    Thanks and Cheers!

  10. Dating can be dangerous! 🙂 Look out for shiny items!

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