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I just go crazy with this song. It really keeps you moving…at least it does for me! I really work up a sweat! Just moving around to the music is very good for you. Music always seems to cheer me up! Hope you like it! Get up and dance! You will feel SO much better. You will even SMILE, for sure!

Believe in Yourself;

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Luisa Doraz


15 Responses

  1. WOW, that guy can sing, dance, and take you away! Thanks for sharing him! :)—–)(—–:

  2. i’ll dance in a.m.
    just peeking in to say ‘thanks’
    for gifting today!!!

    You’re so lovely! Cheers! 🙂

  3. Nothing like a dance in the morning to setup a smile for the day, thanks!

  4. Oooo, eye candy… and nice song too 🙂

  5. I like the beat but I just couldn’t dance to it because I don’t know what he is saying. He might be saying “Look at that guy dancing to this song….naked in his living room….he looks like such a goober” or something and that would be too weird for me.

  6. he said passion, heart
    and i think he damned the gods…
    rut roh!!! hell-bound stud?

    I’m too sleepy to dance but I was wigglin’ and a smile squished my face. There’s nothin’ like that kind of machismo!

    Thanks for that fun kick-start! Cheers! 🙂

  7. This is a pretty good samba — I may have to pick it up for the studio!

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