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“Something special fills our days, when we spend them in our favorite ways.”



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  1. I like to go for walks in the morning with a friend or family member. We talk and talk, and before we know it…we are done with our walk! Then we sit down with a cup of coffee, and talk and laugh some more! I LOVE IT! 🙂

  2. It would be nice if I could spend it somewhere other than in an office, but oh well …

  3. this is what i am lacking, a time for a coffee and a good talk…
    sigh, i need this badly.

  4. 1. Out shopping and getting an iced coffee as a treat.
    2. I also enjoy occasionally hiking through wooded areas, Hocking Hills State Park being my fave place to go.
    3. I quite enjoy just hanging out with family as well.
    4. After a lifetime of cooking, which began when I was about 12 years old, I love to eat out. No planning, cooking, or washing up!

    • S.Le…you have a list that everyone would love! Thanks for sharing it was us. I love to go get those iced coffees also. Too good! The right price! Hope mom is up and about!

  5. Depends on the day, I suppose. Shopping, enjoying one of my favorite TV shows, cooking a favorite dish – it varies.

  6. put me by the sea
    hot white sand crisp blue floating
    and my smile won’t stop!

    Friends there makes it all the better! And yeah…..coffee with a friend is very near and dear to my heart!

    Cheers All! 🙂

  7. I like walking and playing with my dogs, fishing, taking photos of whatever and having coffee with friends or family.

  8. Not working is a good start: after that everything is improvised.


  10. I love being out on the water in our little fishing boat or just sitting on the beach.

  11. I like to walk with my dog on the beach and look at all the activity around me. Very entertaining.

  12. Sitting on my friend’s porch with some hot tea, laughing, giggling, and watching people trickle past. She lives one house off of the main street in our town.

  13. Well…if i have one such day then you won’t find me in house … i would go for shopping or would just relax in a beach …. actually there are multiple things one can do on a free day , depends upon my mood too.. !

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