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My oldest son turns another year older tomorrow. I treated him to a great lunch today because he has school in the morning till late. We were sitting there talking, just him and I…when I told him “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” He looked at me and proceeded to tell me how he thought it was SO STUPID we celebrated getting another year older! He said it was a waste of time and that he’d rather be doing something else…like making money! I was quiet for a moment, which is very unusual for me….and I answered him by saying the following. ” We are celebrating life. Your life. Had you not been born, you would not be able to do ANYTHING! So, be happy and celebrate…DAMN IT!” I thought I was pretty clever, huh?

Believe in Yourself;

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Luisa Doraz


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  1. happylifeandhappybirthday

  2. I remember the day he was born. Happy Birthday. We are very proud of him, no matter what silly things he says! LOL
    Have a day full of celebrating!

  3. There’s putting it in perspective!

  4. he’d rather be doing something else…like making money
    Ha Ha Brilliant kid
    be happy and celebrate…DAMN IT!
    Ha Ha Brilliant Mum

  5. Now that WAS a clever thing to say and it’s the truth!

    Happy Birthday Luisa’s Son!!

  6. “You’re gonna celebrate even if it kills you!!”

    How’s your brother?

    • S.LE….love that quote!
      My brother has to watch every move he makes from now on. He may need additional procedures, as time goes by. He is being closely monitored. Thanks for asking! Hope you are feeling better! UGH!

  7. I hope he enjoyed his birthday, whether he wanted to or not! 🙂

  8. LOL! Great come back. Funny how kids say the darnedest things – no matter how old they are. 🙂
    Happy Birthday Luisa’s son!


  10. Lovely blog!

    You would enjoy my post on believing in yourself!

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