7/26….What do you have to say?

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If you were thrown out of a high rise and were falling to your final destination….what would you be thinking or doing?

15 Responses

  1. Flapping my arms really, really fast …

  2. Praying REALLY fervently!

  3. I’d be thinking that once I hit the ground I’d be walking back into the building, taking the elevator back up to where I was before, and really giving the person who threw me out a good earful!

  4. I’m with Dennis.

  5. I’m really not sure. I’ve never fallen to my final destination before.

  6. The reason I asked this question is because I saw a movie…The Watchmen….where this happened. I watched the guy as he went flying though the air, and said to myself, ” I should ask a question on my blog about this!” If it were me, and I knew my moments on this Earth were limited…..I would just have to go with it. I would pray, look around, see if there was any way I could survive…. and go with whatever I concluded! I really would have no other choice!

  7. I would pray and hope it went really quick!

  8. I would just pray the landing wasn’t gunna hurt too much.


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