7/17…What do you have to say?

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When you are in “one of those moods”, what do you do to “snap out of it?”


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  1. What really works for me is going shopping. I like to go by myself. I take my time. I sometimes will buy something. Other times, I just get something to drink and people watch. After a few hours, I am all better! I even forget what I was in a bad mood about!

  2. I talk to my wife. She is very good at listening but more importantly, she is very good at telling me the way it is without an sugar coating.

  3. Eat chocolate, what else is there…

  4. That’s a creepy picture too by the way

  5. I like to go bike riding or just go for a walk. There is something about just getting outside that helps me snap out of it.

  6. Daily mounting stress – I have a Twix bar. If I’m really frustrated I take myself to lunch – by myself. I need to get out of this food cycle.

  7. I drink heavily.

    Actually, I make myself think of something else or do something I enjoy if possible. Sometimes sleep helps.

  8. S.Le…you are getting me to smile a lot today! Thanks! Yes, sleeping does help! 🙂

  9. Every now and then I go with the funk but if I really need to be free of it I like to hop on my 4 wheeler and take the dogs for a run. That always clears my head. After what I just wrote on your other post, I’m going to miss them.

  10. Joy, that would be so much fun! I would do that, as often as possible! 🙂


  12. LVISS….for all! 🙂

  13. hello doraz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i —- aiiiieeeeee pointy toothd bad hair day syklops monster!!!! run away run away run away!!!! ok bye

  14. Dennie….what ever you said…..lol 🙂

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