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I have a fabulous blogging friend, who I hope you have had a chance to go see! His name is PURPLE HATTER and he has a blog you do not want to miss checking out. He is very talented with his videos and posts! Very creative! He does have some material that is for “ADULTS ONLY,” so just be advised. Thank you PURPLE HATTER for giving me this great award. You did a wonderful job!

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  1. cool-)_+

  2. That was very nice. I

  3. Thank you Luisa for the kind words once again…

  4. Congrats Doraz – certainly deserved. A reply to the latest comment you made on my site follows:

    Hi Doraz,
    You asked about what party I favor. That’s easy– None. Honestly, I see how polarizing the political process has become and it makes me ill. Center, center right if you had to categorize my beliefs. I’ve traveled to right at 100 different countries, seen a lot of different systems, including the USSR when it was still kickin’. What I see happening in our country frightens me for that reason. Goodness, we’re even into Stalinesk “purges” if we start trying political opponents from previous administrations. I make an effort to avoid politics in Sandy Says (its hard) because I don’t see a legitimate place for it in the type of writing I wish to do. Doraz, don’t you wish we could go back to the point where we could tolerate others opinions rather than relegating any thoughts that differ from our own to the major sin bin to be denounced and those who hold them consigned to the the figurative gas chambers? I value your opinion.

  5. One of the things I value most in life is free choice. I do not always agree with the opinions of others, but I have to just remember that they are opinions…not facts. I am a fact person. I look at facts, not opinions…and make my decisions.

  6. hello doraz its dennis the vizsla dog hay isnt that the most overflowing boks of loot ever???? grayt stuf!!! ok bye

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