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Hello, my name is Luisa Doraz…and YES, I am a
FRAPP-AHOLIC! I must admit that I live and dream for my daily frapp! I reward myself, rather nicely…I might add…with all kinds of frapp’s! I was trying the mocha ones, the double chocolate chip ones, the coffee vanilla ones, the java chip ones, and the vanilla bean ones! I must add that I ALWAYS added whipped cream and chocolate drizzle. That is until today! One of my friends, or should I say X-friends….showed me the calorie count that just happened to be available! I took a look, because I figured it could not be SO bad, right? BOY, WAS I WRONG! I will not even tell you all what I saw….it is TOO DEPRESSING! I made a choice today. After reading the differences between the LIGHT or the REGULAR, I figured I would TRY the light double chocolate chip…no whipped cream or chocolate drizzle. As I was trying it, I looked at myself in the mirror and decided….THESE ARE GREAT! I am going to stick with this game plan. A medium has 220 calories. I can work with burning that off at the gym! What a day! You?

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz

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  1. I can just see you doing this! How are you going to do this? You are really so in love with those drinks! I always see you with one! I hope you do stick with the light ones, or your exercising is for nothing! LOL

  2. I’ve never heard of Frapps before but they sure look good.
    Because you love them sooo much I can’t help but wonder… Are they BOTH yours????

  3. MMMMMmmmmm Ive tried the Mocha Frapp it was very good. Sorry you received the bad caloric news. So sad but looks like you have found a solution. Good job on determination!

  4. My guilty pleasure is a medium strawberry milkshake. One a week is ok, 7 a week is BAD!

  5. I’ve never had one of these. For some reason the thought of “cold” coffee just doesn’t appeal to me. I know a LOT of people love them and I don’t think it’s so bad if you indulge in these. I mean really, one can’t give everything up. Just go for it and give up something else. Like the chocolate bar!!

  6. The very reason I don’t drink them. Although if you were to GIVE me one I’d down it for certain!

    I am slightly addicted to McD’s iced coffees though. I try to limit myself to one every week or so. Usually boils down to 2 weeks between them. Not so bad I suppose. Just don’t wave a cookie under my nose. You may lose a hand!

    • S.Le…I will remember that about the cookie! I also love the sugar-free vanilla iced coffee at McDonald’s! 🙂 To me, they are better than Starbucks…and I love Starbucks!

  7. Oh, go for the large, You only get one shot make it Frappalicious.

  8. First of all, where I was born they are not called frappes. They are called cabinets. My favorite was always the coffee cabinet which is indigenous to where I lived. The state drink in Rhode Island where I was born Is coffee milk.

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