Fun Cartoon for a Saturday~~~*

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If you shop at COSTCO…you will get this CARTOON from Kristi*


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  1. Brilliant! I love it!

  2. Thanks guys! I needed that smile! Hope your all having a wonderful weekend!

  3. I shop at BJ’s–same thing. My daughter and I have to because everything is so expensive on the island. We have so many rolls of toilet paper and paper towels. We also bought a freezer and have enough meet for the summer. If we lose electricity we’re sunk.

    • Joan, one of the constant things to think about when shopping and living on an island~~~~~ I loved it there when we last vacationed a few years back~~~~Next time….who knows when? I hope soon~~~~~

  4. Of course that was just one roll in a pack of 120 …

  5. How I wish I could have those sized rolls!!!


  7. Very funny, and interestingly enough, not too exaggerated. You can get anything there and in HUGE numbers of course.

  8. Here we have a similar store called Chickenfeed. It’s such an awesome shop to go to.
    Does this toilet paper make my bum look big????

  9. No one will swipe that! … or be able to swipe with it!

  10. That sums up the Costco experience beautifully!

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