Introducing King/Queen E-Mail…Whichever you prefer*

My Observation
June 3, 2009
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I was scolded today, and I did not appreciate it! The nerve of some people! I was scolded and was called “rude” and “inconsiderate” because I did not e-mail a person back.

I do not know about you all, but I have several e-mail addresses. One for work, one for personal, and another for personal and miscellaneous. I do attempt to check them on a daily basis, some more than once…but, I get a lot of e-mail! Just today on one of them, I had 124 messages! Unless it says something like “PERSONAL from So and So.” I do not always open them. I figure they are spam. (Like Era just wrote about on her blog.) I go through them quickly and delete the ones I figure are not important.

The question I have about all of this is, “What happened to calling a person on the phone?” “What happened to sending a fax?” “What happened to stopping by the office or making an appointment with a secretary?”What happened to dropping a quick note via the regulat mail?” Why has society decided to place a crown on E-Mail and make it a King/Queen for this world? Why have we placed so much reliance on communicating via the computer? I am not saying having a computer is bad, I love them…but, we should not worship them! Some people do not know how to function without them! Is this a good thing?

So, I do not feel guilty! So there! Next time, if a person REALLY needs to get me…be smart, and try the “other methods.” You do remember them, right?

OK, I feel better now! Just my opinion on stuff! Oh Tony, enough questions for you? Maybe you will not read this and I should Twitter you? Or, maybe I should come by your blog and leave a comment with all the questions listed? LOL

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz


24 Responses

  1. Well, you had a lot to say tonight! I could not agree with you more! I use all of the above, leaning more towards the phone. I understand the importance of computers, but I feel we depend on them too much! I am always afraid of losing material if I forget to save it! Life , back in the day was more calm! 🙂

  2. i feel a little bad because I am not on the email band wagon. My husband communicates a lot by Email. It seems to me a lot of people do, and for some reason i just don’t like it much too much spam too much this too much that so I just don’t look at my Email. Ive been feeling like I should…. get back on the Email band wagon but after reading your post maybe I’ll enjoy being Email Free for just little bit longer. I do get an occasional Email but for the most point I don’t Email.

  3. I feel your pain! My youngest daughter’s school does almost everything by e-mail or their website. What irks me is when they e-mail me something regarding the next day at 8pm and expect me to read my e-mail! Um. no I have kids and I know I am weird but we have dinner, relax and watch tv and go to bed at a normal time so I do not check my e-mail at 8pm at night! That’s what they have a phone for!
    OK, sorry I got off on my own little rant there for a minute! 🙂

    • Just a Mom, that is not a very good practice for the school to have! lol You are right, families have “family” stuff to do! I am glad you understand what I was trying to say!~~~~UGH!

  4. Hmmmmm. I sitting on the other side of the fence.

    I’m all for email and I prize that form of communication above all else. Years ago, Stephen Covey freed me from the “I must answer the phone because it’s ringing” syndrome. I was only too happy to comply as I’m prone to sociophobia.

    But I respect email. Just as it allows me to respond when I have the mind to do so, I also understand that it allows others that same freedom.

  5. i get only spams in my mail and I dont open it. Sending messages thro e mail is the cheapest and perhaps quickest as of now. In computer u have the facility of video chat .The other forms of mails have taken a back seat.

  6. I guess everything has its place. It’s up to us to find balance. And balance is sometimes hard to come by.

    • Era, the key word for me is balance. I do not feel we should put to much of our energy into one source of communicating with the world. We should find a balance, as you said!

  7. I think this depends totally on the person you are trying to get a hold of and you have to really know them. I will see an email lots of times before I see the light blinking on the caller ID or answering machine. I just don’t think to come in from taking the garbage out or hanging clothes on the line and look at those machines. I guess I feel I wasn’t gone anywhere and it just doesn’t come into my head to check UNLESS I’ve been away. I see my computer or hear a letter come no matter where I am in my house. I can hear that “ding” sound.

    When I had AOL, I got so much junk mail. I switched to Yahoo and was okay for a while. Once they “find” you on those commercial “free” email address’s, your sunk. I now go through my telephone company and use Window’s mail and I never get junk mail. They have the best scam/spam filters than I’ve ever seen so I get none of that now. I also do spend a lot of time on here so I can’t “not” see a letter come. When you have those “free” email address’s, you don’t see a mail icon on your desktop. With Windows, the second a letter comes, even if I’m not opened to a certain page, there’s an envelope that I can’t help but see on my desktop. People who really know me, know I’ll see an email first unless I’m not at home.

    BUT…if I want to talk to someone that I know doesn’t check their email like I do, I just pick up the phone. I feel you have to really know someone’s habits in order to “be sure” they will get it. But for someone to be rude to you because you didn’t see an email, I’d walk away and say “have a nice day!”

    • Joy, I have had too many emergency situations happen. I have most people, who know me, trained to try all of the above! We use msn for work…so I understand what you said. I use yahoo and gmail, as well. My answering machine beeps when I have a message waiting. People have sent us stuff over night mail. I just like to cover all areas. I feel a person should rely on all resources available, if the message is of an urgent nature. If not….keep trying, everything available! 🙂 Thanks for your great comment!

  8. Too many questions & all hard ones. I always am amazed about people emailing others in the same building. When I worked in Brisbane we had an intercom built into the phone system or the old just open the office door & shout to the storeman method but the office lady would always email me from the office to the warehouse. I would wander into the office to query her about a matter & she would say didn’t you read my email??? Unbelievable

  9. So we should ….. NOT worship the computer? I don’t understand …


  11. Worship the computer????

    Hail computer full of bytes, Windows is with thee
    Blessed are you among electronic equipment & blessed is the size ofn your hard drive.
    Holy computer, Mother of obsessed ones
    Pray for us now & at the time of our Blog deletion

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