VIDEO from Keyper’s PartiPoodle*



12 Responses

  1. So, does Kristi have a poodle like this one?
    Did she sell it to them?
    Just so fun to watch the faces!
    Grape Nuts are not bad, either!

  2. Another great one from your friend Kristi.
    Love the actors!
    Love the poodle!
    One of Kristi’s?

  3. Hilariously brilliant, or is brilliantly hilarious. I have to get some Grape Nuts so I can get the tough things done the next time Dixie needs a walk

    Dixie says: Do they mayk Grayp Nuts kibbool so I can get the tuff things dun the nekst tym Daddy needs worrkys???

    • Dixie, I do not think there is a cereal around that can help that Dad of yours! lol
      Tony, Grape Nuts are tough. Hard to handle, tough to chew…you know, kind of like some of the situations you get into! LOL 🙂

  4. This is so funny. I love the way they pixelate the picture when the poodle needs to take care of business lol.

  5. That was a funny video! Thanks Kristi! Cute little poodle too. I like the bright pink fluffy boa. I’ll remember this next time a see a dog walking his fluff dog.

  6. oops…Oh man to say man can you correct that for me Doraz? That would be a sight a dog walking a dog. LOL Is it Monday?

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