Walking People and Cars!..My Observation..5/27*

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People are way too trusting in California! I am not sure if you have the same “situation” out your way, tell me, OK? What I am referring to is crossing the street…with no designated crosswalks, and walking around in a parking lot…at any location around town. I observed that people “really believe” they ALWAYS have the right of way! I could be the only car in sight…for miles, yet I am expected to STOP and let them cross to their destination. Oh, did I mention they are walking about 1 mile an hour and chatting away as they do it? Couldn’t they just have waited till I drove by them? I swear, NO ONE ELSE WAS AROUND! One guy in the grocery shopping parking lot had the nerve to “smack” my car and give me a dirty look because I just went! The nerve! So, I yelled out the window, “Don’t ever do that again, or I might come out of this car and hurt you!” He just rolled his eyes and kept walking! I will GLADLY stop if it is very busy and I do not care, under those circumstances. But, PEOPLE…PLEASE WAIT IF IT IS NOT BUSY!!!!! What is the rush? Be considerate! If I see someone old, sick, and in need of special assistance…what I said does not apply. I am talking about the “others!” You know who you are!

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz


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  1. I think this problem exsists pretty much everywhere in the States anyway. I don’t think it’s so much that people are in a hurry so much as people just don’t really care anymore. People seem to be so self involved, that they could really care less about others. I believe that people were just as busy 30 years ago as people are now but people gave a damn about other people more.

  2. It happens in Charles st here in Launceston which is the main drag through the city centre. In the CBD people just wander out in front of you & give you The Look if you nearly run them down.
    “Get out of your car & hurt them” You go girl. Gotta watch you Italians 🙂


  4. You know what? I’m married to a person like this and if I could tell you what it was, I’d earn a million dollars writing a book. We live in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE and if I can see a car, I don’t pull out of my driveway unless I have a chance to speed up. My husband barely looks and will pull out and THEN, what’s worse, will pull into our son’s driveway 1/2 mile away. So not only is he making some slow down once, he makes them do it twice. He will dawdle in stores, parking lots without seeming to pay any attention to what’s going on around him. Like he’s the only one there. This drives me NUTSO!! His lack of manners or awareness. I am truly embarrassed when he does this when I’m in the car. Needless to say, I do all the driving unless we are just making a short drive. I just don’t get it.

  5. What really annoys me is when you are backing out of a parking space and even though you are moving people walk right behind you. They could at least catch your eye so they would know they’ve been seen but no they just assume that somehow you will see them.

    I agree with Gary. People are just not caring anymore and i don’t get it.

    • Joan…OMG…you are so right! One time a man actually yelled out, “Get your eyes checked!” And I yelled back, “How old are you? Don’t you know about watching out for cars?” He just waved his arm and left. I honked at him! UGH!

  6. Unfortunately this does happen everywhere. In St.Thomas they used to walk out in front of the car and stare you down while they waltz across.

    What also irks me is when someone pulls onto the road but doesn’t keep pace with traffic. When entering a street, why do they come in and go at 2 mph while consulting their map, cell phone, or change the radio dial?

  7. I think I would characterize them more as “oblivious” rather than “trusting” …

  8. Tucker….I stand to be corrected! You have a VALID point! LOL

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