A Poem about love for your alarm clock~~~~

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There goes that alarm again..
What to do and what to say…
Do I get my butt out of bed…
Or do I just say, “Hey!”

I smack it once, it does not die…
I give it my best “evil eye!”
It will not die, it wants to be mean…
I am SO aggravated, I just want to SCREAM!

So, I SCREAM my best…
“I just want to rest!”
Just then I smell the coffee downstairs!
When that happened, away with my cares!

#1 rule to remember….drink coffee upon awakening…place coffee pot near bed!
Hey, my new alarm clock!


20 Responses

  1. Great poem! Thank you for the inspiration of moving my coffee pot to the side of my bed and using it as an alarm clock. It will be a good time saver too, not to have to walk to the kitchen!

    • Well, hello to Tom Troughton! Nice of you to stop by with those wise words! Hope this plan will work for you! Be careful of the spills!…Ooops, I didn’t say that! LOL Oh Tom, I just visited your site. You may want to take a look at my question …
      Just Thought I’d Ask You This Question…5/20*. Maybe you can add to the comments?

  2. Not a bad idea!

  3. Well, very clever. We may have to try this! LOL

  4. OMG! I just wrote and posted my blog about my alarm clock and came over here and saw this! We must be on the same satelite feed today! Quick, pick a number between 1 and 10 and I’ll guess it!

  5. LOL…..now that’s a GREAT idea! I know that would work for me for sure!! 😀

  6. I actually did that once had the coffee pot right by the bed. LOL I Love my coffee. Cute writings Doraz Hope you have a great day!


  8. I hate my alarm clock but here’s an even more annoying one

    If the really annoying alarm doesn’t wake you the helicopter blade pokes you in the eye when it comes back down

  9. What happened??? I’ll try again

  10. Oh first it was just blank with no URL, now the video has shown up in the comment. Dunno how that hapenned, stupid computer

  11. Great Poem Doraz. I personally HATE my alarm clock. Its sound eats at my brain.

    • OK Eric, that is it! You solved the mystery! It is the alarm clock that is making you fall all over the place! Get rid of it fast! LOL ROFL Have a fun weekend!

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