TALKATIVE……. What is this BABY saying?

Thanks to Lisa for this cute video! The baby is SO ADORABLE!!!! You got to see this one!

11 Responses

  1. That is hilarious. I’ve watched it 3 times. That little one is going to be a talker as she gets older.

    • Joan, I am so happy you enjoyed this. I thought of your family when I saw this baby! Imagine all the fun you guys are going to have! This little one can talk! I think she has a lot to say!

  2. Boy she has a lot to say. Cute video Doraz!

  3. Precious and funny!

  4. She sure has a lot to say! She is gonna drive people NUTS when she is a little older. LOL

  5. My browser isn’t letting me see this so I’ll have to check on the other computer later.

  6. This is so darn cute. Man, at first I thought it was fake but that dad is to real looking. Funny. She’s gonna be a yapper for sure.

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