The faith in ME………….*


I do try to always support and encourage my online friends, as much as possible…but, if I have gotten a little slow about it….This is for you all!
Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz

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  1. I am undecided, do I consolidate both blogs to wordpress or keep mine & Dixie’s seperate on Blogger as they are at the moment. I can’t decide….
    Leave your blogroll at my blogger blogs for the moment as I am leaning back that way again….

  2. Gotcha Tony!

  3. But then again….
    All my Bloggy friends are on WP + running an extra blog for Dixie is even more time consuming. Oh dammit I can’t decide. What do you think???

  4. I really think WP is my better option, YES I WILL GO THAT WAY!!!!! Now I musn’t change my mind again. Darn I’m an indescisive mongrel old dog

  5. Tony…pick one dear!
    You will delete again is you get stressed!
    Doraz…We love this, LOTS!
    You too!

  6. Right back at you!

  7. Awwww, thank you Doraz. This really means a lot and God bless you too.

  8. Ummmm…. I just got home from work & finished tea & got on the computer & think I’d rather leave my Blogger blogs how they are without starting all over again. So I’ll not change to WP afterall. It shouldn’t matter & I hope everyone will visit me there. Bloggersville is no place for Blog-provider-ism, like racism but those who won’t visit blogs outside their own blogging platform. I kinda like Dixie having her very own too.

    • I tend to not go to Blogger for the main reason that I hate the “code” words and writing your name each time and filling out your “site address.” They don’t save in there. It’s just so time consuming. Half the time you put in the “code,” it doesn’t work and when you get redirected, your comment is gone. It’s a pain in the #&$. I only go to one blog there and I’m trying to talk her into changing. I just find WP easy and quick and there’s no back and forth. I’m not really sure why your having such indecision Tony. Why did you leave WP to begin with and why did you go to Blogger? Just trying to understand.

      • It’s the middle of the night & I’m wide awake so I decided to take Joy’s advice & change back to WP, again….., it is my favourite after all. Then I discovered the import option so I have imported all my posts from blogger.
        My blog
        Dixie’s blog
        Aren’t I an annoying little man, It was our wedding anniversary yesterday, I dunno how Michelle put up with me for 13 years….


  10. Awww, that’s sweet. Thank you and God Bless You Too! I appreciate the hug 🙂

  11. Back at ya baby! 😉

  12. I agree with Joy about going outside of wordpress. There are a couple of blogs outside the wordpress realm but it is a pain.

    As for Doraz AWWW So nice! I feel the same way! It’s so nice to have blogging friends! Such a cute post.:+)

  13. I forgot the // on the reply to joy so the link didn’t work
    My blog
    I thought about it & it is a hassle for my WP bloggy friends + Blogger seems to take ages to losd the pages for some reason.

  14. I think it is just wonderful how all of us are supportive and encourage one another! You guys are A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ in my book! (Imagine the whole page with plus signs, ok!)

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