Can you fill the job description of a MOM?

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If I knew what I know now
about being a good mother……
would I still have had my two boys,
or would I have settled for materialistic toys?

If I knew that I would never sleep a decent amount of hours…. ever again,
or not have had to learn about not worrying so much,
would I have been happy just the same,
or would I have been happier with my career of fame?

Being a good mother requires patience, understanding, love, and empathy.
It requires you to be unselfish and
giving of your time…always and forever.
It requires you to have a sense of humor to carry you through the hectic times.
It requires you to put your children before everything else!

If you hold these characteristics, I feel you will do fine.
If you are opposite, you need to decide where to draw the line.
Being a good mother is not for everyone,
I am so HAPPY I chose to be one!

I would not trade it for anything!

Happy Mother’s Day !

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz

6 Responses

  1. I am a witness. You are fabulous!

  2. Hope to be a mum one day
    Need my sleep~~~~~~~
    What to do???????????

  3. I believe Aunt Kelly! ;+). Descriptive very nice. Love Always.. Life gives lots of opportunities to live Love and to Learn. And unconditional Love as Mom’s you know .;+). Smiles to all the busy hard working Loving Mom’s. Well Done.

  4. Being a mom is a “job” I love!

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