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Just Thought I’d Ask You This Question….5/8*

To all the people in relationships:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

If a STRANGER had a million dollars in a briefcase that they showed you and told you it was yours if you had sex with him/her…..on the spot…..what would you do? Oh, you could not tell your significant other about it!

To all the people not in a relationship:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

If a STRANGER who did not “look” like someone you would want to marry…told you if you married them…right then…you would get the million dollars…what would you do? Oh, it would have to be till death do you part!


21 Responses

  1. A million dollars doesn’t take you very far anymore unfortunately, so for a million, I wouldn’t do it….for ten, depending on how attractive and with full and accurate knowledge that they are disease free. So basically, by the time I think this whole thing through, they would’ve left…oh well… 🙂

  2. Well, I have been married too long to risk it, so I would have to pass!

  3. I asked this question because I happened to have a dream about it last night! I was actually thinking it over!!!! I asked myself, “Gee, what could I buy or where could I go?”Then my husband, of 24 years, snored…and he woke me up to my reality!!!! 🙂 Just a dream…so far! 🙂

  4. At this stage of my life, probably. If you can’t tell, nobody would be hurt. Now “if” you HAD to tell, no I would’t.

  5. Let me think over it for a week.

  6. I think the not telling part would be too difficult. So I would have to say No. I don’t like to have things in my head that I’m not suppose to talk about. Funny your husbands snoring woke you up, that must have been a shock.. Some dreams seem so real, Ive woken up and said to my husband I can’t believe what you did last night in that dream how could you! But But…..LOL

  7. I couldn’t do something like that to my wife wether she knew about it or not so my answer is no.

    I wouldn’t trade the love of my wife for all the money in the world!

  8. Tricky, very Tricky…

    Nope not now…

  9. sugardaddydating…Do I take that as a
    possible” back in the day??? LOL

  10. Money doesn’t buy happiness … but it can rent it for a long time.
    The only thing money can’t buy is poverty.

    sorry, no answer to your question. I don’t know about the million dollars, but the briefcase sounds interesting.

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