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  1. Very carefully. I am a big expiration date checker. I check all expiration dates on everything that goes into my mouth.

  2. Interesting!!

    I agree with joan

  3. Medication has an expiration date? Uh-oh …….


  5. There’s expiration dates on medicine? I told my doctor that those side effects weren’t normal….. I have to go, I just took some medicine and now there is a purple elephant making fun of me in the other room.

  6. never–when our time comes we expire.

  7. I was going to say the same thing James said. I can’t get away with it though. Husband sells drugs. He has a license and everything!

  8. Other than the Advil type meds, I don’t take any.

    • Joy…those have dates, too. One time I used Visine that was expired and they made me go to the emergency room when I called my Dr.! All was OK, but now I always check and throw out old stuff!!! 🙂

  9. Cute Monkey;+) I do look at expiration dates on everything.

  10. I am horrible at checking the expiration dates on medicine. I actually had a bottle of asprin, yes the real stuff, that was 15 years old in my medicine cabinet. My mother-in-law, who is a nurse, found it and chewed me out.

  11. Well, if it’s just a few days out… I’d rather live.

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