Just Thought I’d Ask You This Question….5/4*

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Do you feel that “SHOUTING or YELLING” at someone makes them “HEAR WHAT YOU ARE SAYING”……..BETTER or WORSE?

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  2. WORSE!! I know I personally don’t listen to someone NEARLY as well when they are yelling. When they are speaking rationally and with a calm tone, I am MUCH more likely to listen to what they are saying.

  3. Sometimes its hard to understand. Sometimes if I am angry I do it though…
    BTW is that girl naked??

  4. We have two people who are hard of hearing. My husbands is due to noisy machines in a plywood factory and my oldest son was born deaf in his left ear so my youngest son and I tend to talk very loud because we have had to repeat ourselves MANY times but we don’t yell. I feel yelling and or screaming at someone makes things worse. If someone is yelling at me I go in the “WA-WA-WA” mode and don’t even try to listen.

  5. Joy, you are right. Yelling and talking loud are not the same thing. Talking loud because someone is having trouble hearing you is ok, it is the idiot’s who are screaming at you…for no reason other than they have a problem….is ridiculous! I shut them out and tell them I am not listening…unless they talk calmly!!! I get evil looks, but it usually works! 🙂

  6. most of the time no–because they are in an offended state–they will refuse to hear.

  7. I think it makes matters worse when someone screams. But on the flipside it sure does feel good to scream every once in awhile!

  8. I don’t like to be screamed at. ;+/. I would say it makes things worse.

  9. WORSE! It is all about tone.

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