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Closet Exploding with T-Shirts…..you too??????

I have a LOVE/HATE relationship…just like the t-shirt this chick is wearing…with all of my t-shirts in my closet! Do you have this problem???? UGH!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I can not bring myself to throwing away my older t-shirts. They all have a memory attached! I might have gotten it while on vacation. Maybe someone gave it to me as a gift! Maybe I just loved it and REALLY wanted it!! I am not kidding, I have at least 100 floating around! Anyone out there have any ideas on what I should do? I happen to wear them, every once in a while. Mainly, around the house…not in public! I even thought I would wear a different one every day…but I got tired of that quick! I am at a loss! Can you help???

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz


20 Responses

  1. Perhaps sell them on ebay? haha or maybe tale a leaf out of ‘rules of engagement’ and make them into a quilt! That way you never have to part with them, but they actually have a use!

  2. sorry *take* a leaf

  3. Maybe you could turn them into one big quilt (if you are crafty) or find someone who can.

  4. I’m the wrong person to ask on this I keep all my clothes till they are shreds. Same reason. I have a ridiculous amount of clothes.

  5. If I can’t wear it to work, I wear it out on errands. If it’s not good enough for that, I wear it at home. If I think it looks like crap on me or I’m not using it, it goes to the charity shop. Period.

  6. I save things I really love as well. Some things even if I don’t wear them, if they have special meaning, I keep them. I have seen some pretty beautiful quilts that people have made. I see others have given you that option already. It also depends on what kind of T-shirt it is. If it’s a logo of some kind, you can cut out the logo and make a bunch of throw pillows for your guest room or you can even frame them for a funky look. I saw someone do that once and arranged them in a family room. All the T-shirts she got from concerts, she hung them along the ceiling above the entertainment system. It looked really nice.

    • Joy, you have suggested quite a few things that sound REALLY good! I have to divide the t-shirts into different piles and then go from there. Am I glad I asked this question! Thanks!


  8. what is there to hate ?

  9. I have the same problem Luisa! I just can’t throw away clothes, even if I haven’t worn them in years. I had some T-shirts that are as old as my oldest son that I never wear but I still keep them.

    I needed some new clothes recently but my wife MADE me get rid of some clothes first to make room for the new. It was hard but I got rid of some old clothes. LOL

  10. i give it to some charitable organisation or to subordinate staff in my office–the thing is my clothes never look old

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