Special AWARD for the AWARD SLUT….Gary*

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My friend, Kristi

recently gave me an award for being a “slut!” DON’T ASK, I will leave it to your imagination! LOL So, now she wants me to pass this special AWARD to my blogging friend, Gary…who makes NO SECRET of being an AWARD SLUT! You gotta go visit him and Kristi, OK? They both have really cool sites! Anyways, here is the information Kristi sent me:

“Dear Doraz,

I found an award that would be great for Gary! He is always so happy to get an award, he is just like a kid getting a present they have been waiting for! Please present this special award, just for him! I really enjoy visiting you guys. You are ALL crazy!!”

Talk soon,


13 Responses

  1. Well Gary, my friend….here you have it! Now we are BOTH sluts in the eyes of Kristi!!! Like it???? I think she was pretty clever! Is that how you look in a suit?? HaHaHaHa You’re #1…!!!!!


    I am MORE than happy to be a total slut with you Luisa. It’s MUCH better than being a slut alone.

    I will post my award with PRIDE! Does the award have a name?

    Thanks again KRISTI!!

  3. Kristi said it is the “HONORARY SLUT AWARD.”..specifically for me and you!!!! 🙂

  4. Hilarious. You guys are to funny.

  5. Gary…..Paula must think we are nuts!!! LOL

  6. hello doraz its dennis the vizsla dog hay ummmmm … congratchoolayshuns i gess??? ok bye

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