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Just Thought I’d Ask You This Question….4/15*

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If you race your PET, in what ever they do best, what would be the final result?


18 Responses

  1. Well, if I had a swim meet with my goldfish, I am sure I would win! I have longer limbs!!! LOL

  2. Slobbering ~~~
    Slobbering ~~
    and more
    Slobbering !!!!!!

  3. Makwa (the dog). Frisbee Packo the (cat) eating/and cuddling. Alex jumping.

  4. I have a very neurotic Lab and she’d win crying for daddy to come in the house when he gets home from work. I can’t work up nearly the enthusiasm she does. She is NUTS!!! But a very lovable kind of nut.

  5. My dog would have my face dripping wet from kisses way before I could make him all wet from me kissing him!! LOL

  6. It depends if the flyball course had a roof over it or not …

  7. My cats:

    George Bofur would win at being the most annoyingly affectionate chair stealing cat in the World.

    The Evil Fred would win at silent ninja fighting moves.

  8. Dixie would definitely beat me at chasing her ball or rubber chook up the hallway

  9. I can laze way longer than my goldfish can…
    Wait a min… lazing qualifies as a race right??

  10. Archie, that is A-OK with me!!! LOL

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