Just Thought I’d Ask You This Question…4/11/09

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Are you one of those people who take a shower and then put your towel in the hamper to be washed, or do you use the same towel over a few times?


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  1. Well, if it appears to be really dirty, we wash it right away. If not, we reuse it once.

  2. I hate doing the wash, so does that answer your question!!! HA HA HA


  4. I do re-use my towel as does Husband his. One is clean when one emerges from said shower, isn’t one? At least one can hope!

  5. Re-use the towel. If it needs to be washed maybe you should again.

  6. We both have our own towel and we reuse them a couple of times. I have hand towels in the bathroom so those are used by us or company for hand washing. I will take them if I need to add more to the washer but we use them a couple of times. I think it’s silly not to. Like S.Le said, we’re clean when we get out of the shower are we not?

  7. Joy, it does seem like most of the people I know personally do the same. Common sense applies!

  8. I hang my towel over the shower, use it one more time and then the next time after that I use it for the floor towel and then wash it.

    I should by a rug.

    • Joan, the rug would interfer with your system!!! Sounds like you already have it under control!!! Hope you are feeling better!!! Happy Easter to you and your family!!!

    • I don’t like rugs because “someone” will always get out of the shower and dry on it and then I go in (always with clean socks) and step on the wet rug that “someone” “forgot” to put back over the tub. Is there anything worse than wet socks?? I mean, I know there are but you know what I mean???

  9. I use it once and then hang it up. Unfortunately, when I go to use it the next day it’s always gone because one of the kids forgot to bring a towel in with them when they take a shower so they use mine. 😀

  10. I like to reuse them if possible

  11. I just keep re-using then every couple of days a clean one just appears on the towel rail compliments of my dear wife

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