Just Thought I’d Ask You This Question…..4/7*

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How do you feel about leaving something of value in your grocery cart…like a purse, phone,drink, laptop ,your child….and then turning your back and getting an item down the aisle?

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  1. I HAD to ask this question today because EVERYWHERE I went, it seemed like EVERYONE was so trustworthy! I mean, I do not even leave a coffee in my shopping cart, because I think someone might do something to it! I would NEVER leave a purse!!! I see people doing this, all the time. They just stop their cart, leave the purse in it, and walk several steps to get the item they want…on the bottom shelf,of course! Meanwhile, someone could have easily taken their purse! I will stop…for now! UGH!

  2. NEVER! I’ve never done. Stupid thing to do. I’ve seen loads of people do it as well. A friend of mine lost her money that way.

  3. I never leave anything in my cart and turn my back on it! EVER! I don’t carry a purse so no worries there and things of value that I do carry are in my pocket but I always put my youngest son in the cart while shopping. I NEVER NEVER EVER turn my back on him.

  4. I wouldn’t do it any country just on principle; but I do leave my car unlocked at all times with stuff in it where I live and leave my house unlocked on occasion if I’m only going out for a few hours. Japan in the countryside is a poor market for lock salepeople. I think Japanese tourists are an easy mark in most countries because theft isn’t an issue most places here.

  5. This is eerie. I just wrote a post to publish later about women and their purses!!

    I will leave everything in my cart. Purse, jacket (which is usually over my purse) or whatever else I may have with me at the time. I’ve never had anything stolen from me and it’s just something I don’t think about. Now a child, it would depend on how far away I stepped. The child thing, I would be more worried about them trying to climb out than getting abducted and would worry they would get hurt. I also live in a very rural area and stealing from one another is almost unheard of. I’m just a very trusting person and I don’t really leave my cart just because I wouldn’t want it to be in someone else’s way.

  6. Question aside , the picture is good. Where did u take it..
    Coming to the q , I dont take anything that I am likely to keep in the cart.

  7. I would have no problem leaving my stuff in my cart for a minute. I think most people are good. The problem these days is that you only hear about all the bad stuff. If the news reported everyday on how someone found a wallet and returned it to it’s owner then maybe as a society we would have a different outlook. Just my little old opinion! 🙂

  8. I don’t bring a bag into stores anymore. I have a small wallet that fits in my pocket. I started doing this when I left my bag in a shopping cart outside at the grocery store. Fortunately it was still there when I went back for it a few minutes later.

    I put my phone in my other pocket. I know I wouldn’t leave a child even for a second. If I lose my upcoming granddaughter I think my daughter would kill me.

    • Well HI Joan…nice to have you over…smart move on your part, putting a small wallet in your pocket! I think I will try that! It sure beats carrying around my 50 pound purse!!! My phone can go in the other pocket, too! Only [problem I can see is the weather! Out in CA, we do not wear jackets much!!! Come to think of it, we do not wear MUCH!!! LOL ROFL Have a great week!! 🙂


  10. I try to avoid doing this.

  11. I still a purse in the store with me and put it in the cart but I never take the hand off of it. Not just turning my back, but reaching up or down also. When my daughter was little I never took her to the store with me. See didn’t see the inside of the grocery store until she was like 15 years old.

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