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  1. What keeps you in a happy mood?

  2. How long have you been married and do you have kids?

  3. How do you manage to get all this variety and pack it up nicely for us to join. You are also working.

  4. Are we only allowed one question?

  5. I won’t ask your age, I’ll ask something else.

    What is the EXACT month, day and year of your birth?

  6. Gary…That would be September 5th, 19~~~~~~oops gotta go! 🙂

  7. HEY! NOT COOL!!! You said we get to ask you a question!!!!!

  8. With all do respect Luisa, YOU SUCK!!! ROFLMAO!!

  9. I’d say….hmmmmmm…..24???

  10. No, I was trying to be nice. That and I didn’t want to guess too old because then you would hate me. LOL

  11. Yes you sure do!! ROFLMAO!! Your really good at it too I might add!! LOL


    • Well Gary, my kids pointed something out. They said you technically asked three questions!! They said I did my part, and even gave you a bonus!! LMAO ROFL LOL Do not mess with us Italians!!!! 🙂

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