Just Thought I’d Ask You This Question…..3/31*


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I looked up Luisa @ Wikipedia. Luisa is a female name of German origin (from Hlodowig) which means “glorious warrior.”

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  1. A country in northwestern Africa.

  2. KELLY………..
    Baby names state:
    War; strife; bright-headed

  3. Glorious Warrior I am not surprised Luisa. How nice. I will have to look up Starla keeper of the stars ?I don;t know actually I have another name I will look that up too.

  4. I would assume Joy means Joy.

  5. My real name means Sun.

  6. Ross is:
    -a headland/peninsula in Scottish
    -a large horse in old German
    – rough exterior of bark in ???

    It’s all good! hee hee!

  7. The name Gary is derived from the word spear in Old English & Germanic languages, and used to describe a “spear bearer.”


  8. Does this mean we are possibly related, Gary!!! LOL

  9. Can’t make much outta “S” I suppose…

    My “real” first name means “lily.” Lovely innit?

  10. Lily…..S.Le, does that fit you?…I believe so!

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