Just Thought I’d Ask You This Question…..3/27*

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Be honest, how do you respond to negative “criticism” from a stranger?


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  1. With me, it all depends what mood I am in and what they are criticizing. If they make a comment about how I am talking to the person I am with…maybe in a tone they do not like….I tell them politely, “Excuse me, but this does not concern you, so I would appreciate if you keep your remarks to yourself!” Then I give them that look. They usually say, huh…and move on to the next victim!!! If someone makes a comment about what I am wearing, I usually say, “Oh excuse me, I’m sorry…I will wait for you tomorrow to come over and help me select something more appropriate!” Then I make that face, and they leave me alone! I can go on and on with this one!!! Your turn!!!!

  2. I usually look at them and walk away. I do not want problems. If I am with a friend I get brave and tell them to worry about what they are doing and not what I am doing!

  3. Not sure if you mean criticism about myself or about others. Yesterday one of our regular Patrons began putting down old people (he is in his 70s himself). He was going to build himself up because he is a vegan, runs daily, and is skinny as a rail. He talks about himself to anybody who will listen. I blasted him and told him not everybody is blessed with good health and that we can’t choose our heritage or the bodies we get. He actually accepted what I said and did not disagree. I must say it felt good to be somebody’s champion!

  4. I let it go in one ear and out the other. UNLESS it’s very personal attack on someone’s character. I tend to stand up FOR people.

  5. I wouldn’t have a lot of tolerance for criticism from a stranger. If was something small and not important I would just ignore it. If it was a personal attack, I just couldn’t let that go and then it would depend upon gender.

    If it was a male, I would ask if he would like his ass kicking now or in the parking lot when he leaves?

    If it was a female, I would not so politely tell her to go “F” herself.

  6. Gary, I will keep this in mind if I should ever get the urge to say something I maybe shouldn’t say!!!! ROFL LOL

  7. I wonder what a stranger can find in me to criticise. If it does happen , then that means there is really something wrong with me.

  8. Iviss, or the stranger might have the problem based on what they say….right?

  9. I am with your buddy, Gary on this one! Right on!

  10. You boys are TOO MUCH!!! LOL

  11. Ignoring them… I don’t care what a stranger thinks or says nor that is important to me…

    I already have to much going in my head and if i pay attention to everything that everybody says , my head wil explode…BUUM!

  12. chanceencounters, glad you are able to stay “cool” when you need it most!!! 🙂

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